My Goals For Social Media #WritingBlog

I have never really considered what my goals for social media are before now. Up until this point, I have just done social media without thinking about any sort of longevity or plan. In other words, I have just used social media to connect with people I actually know. However, I have come to realize (rather quickly) that if I am to create a personal brand for myself, I have to make what I do more accessible and interesting to more people than just my mom, college roommate, and the random people I meet on airplanes who want to be Facebook friends for some reason.

Thinking about last week’s prompt, I have decided that my social media identity would best align with being a blogger of sorts. Therefore, logically, my goal is to create a blog that lots of people follow. To do this I will probably use a WordPress blog (like this one), since I am starting to become familiar with the format. However, one inherent problem with this platform is that it seems hard to get people to visit it initially. Therefore I will leverage other social media platforms to get the word out about my blog. Twitter and Facebook seem to be the best way to go about this. In essence I will use these platforms as advertising for my main product, which is my WordPress blog.

One of the ideas I have been tossing around in my head for a while is starting a writing blog where I post stories that I write. I have always loved writing and have recently given serious thought to taking it away from being a hobby and more in the direction of a career. A consentient blog might be a very good way to get my work out there.

I envision that process working something like this:

–       I would write an awesome story with the potential to redefine modern American literature every week. (Ambitious I know, but I figure it’s a good place to start).

–       I would then use Twitter to promote each new story:

Just finished up another piece. #jasonswritingblog #literature # FitzgeraldWouldLoveIt #Twaingasm

–       I would also use the blog to interact with people in between writing. Perhaps I would tell people what my weekly prompt is and ask for submissions, which I would then post alongside mine:

Prompt this week: Write a 500 word story with the line “the kiwis had spoiled, and I knew from then on we were screwed” #jasonswritingblog

–       I could also ask people to submit submissions to me over twitter:

#jasonswritingblog needs a prompt idea. Normally the soundtrack to #LordOfTheRings gets me going, but not feeling the mojo today. Help me out! #WritersBlock

The idea would be to get people involved in my writing process beyond simply reading the stories I write. In essence I want my blog to create and inspire a writing community. I would hope that within a year I would have some sort of community going that people could recognize and want to be a part of.

So my elevator pitch would be this (so far):

I am a writer who uses social media to connect with people who help me create whatever it is that happens to come up on the page. You should read my stuff on WordPress. It’s like reading a book, but much less time consuming.

The pitch still needs work.


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