Thinking Through My Semester Project: A Blog Novel in 500 Words A Post

I think it would be interesting to start a blog for my semester project. That sort of thing appeals to me generally. The problem is that I don’t know really what I would write about. Who do I want to be on this blog? Do I have to only write about one thing? What do I want to write about? Will anyone read this blog? These are all questions that I am thinking about with regards to this blog.

One idea that I keep coming back to is the idea of a writing blog. I talked about it in one of my earlier posts. One idea that just came to my mind is the idea of writing a novel in real time via a blog. The way that it would work is that I would write 500 words of a novel a day and post it on the blog. That’s it. 500 words, max. The only writing that I would do would be on the blog – nothing behind the scenes. That way whoever is following the blog will be able to watch the story unfold in real time, but the idea is that they could digest it in slow, incremental bits.


As far as I am aware of, there isn’t anything out there like this in the literary world. It would be really fun to kind of use this blog to experiment with the literary form. I think it would be fascinating to see if this concept would a.) Actually work to produce a novel, or something coherent enough to resemble a story, b.) Be a sustainable project c.) Be something people would be interested in reading. Ideally this blog-novel-in-real-time would create some sort of side dialogue where I could interact with the followers of the story. So for this project I think I would keep two blogs: One blog that had the actual story, and one blog that served as a forum where I could interact with people about the blog. Ideally my blog-novel-in-real-time (still working on an official title for what this thing actually is in my head) would create some sort of online literary community that rallied around the blog and sites like Twitter to get people talking about the creative process as it unfolds in front of them. I think this would represent something fundamentally different about story telling that only online, social media could give us. Think about any sort of writing. It is all done behind closed doors. We only get to see the finished product, but don’t get much insight into the development. This project will be unique because it will give people insight into the writer’s thought process that no other medium could grant.


The more I talk about this concept the more excited I get about it. I think I might actually be on to something. 


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