Reaching the Demographics

So first off, I need to clear something up. The earlier blog posts about what I was going to do for my semester project… yeah, that’s not happening. I think it would be cool to do those writing projects, but I am shifting to do something much more… practical.

My family has been loyal patrons to a wine store in Lake Oswego called World Class Wines for sometime now. The were looking for a way to possibly increase their business, so I figured that this class project might be a good way for me to help them out and learn something about social media and online marketing in the process. I figured for my class project then I would help them out with their social media posts on Facebook and Twitter. However, my biggest contribution is going to be a wine blog for them where I blog about the wines that they sell, as well as the goings on in the store.

With that in mind, the demographic I am going after is the later end of the young-adults demographic. One of the things I want to achieve through my blog is to break down the perceived barrier of entry to the wine world to younger people. I feel that the wine world can feel exclusionary and intimidating at first, especially to younger people so this blog will hopefully help reach out to younger people in the area and make them feel more comfortable about entering the world of wine. I will also simultaneously try to give the already loyal customers an online experience that will strengthen their brand loyalty, which will hopefully help spread support for the store to more people via word of mouth marketing.

One of the strategies I am trying to pursue is to create an online dialogue between the customers and the blog. One way that I am trying to do this is by asking people questions on Facebook and Twitter and then incorporating their responses on the blog. For example, one thing that I am working on: I asked people on Facebook to finish the statement, “Wine is _______.” I got some interesting responses. “Wine is bottled poetry”, “Wine is haphazardly picked, and often enjoyed by the majority”, “Wine is life”. I am currently trying to come up with some ideas about creative ways to display these contributions and then I am going to post them on the blog. The idea is that the more I can reward people for their participation, the stronger the link will be between the clients and the business. Hopefully I can use social media in this way to connect with a large demographic.


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