SEO Content and the World Class Wines Blog

Currently the World Class Wine’s website is the number one hit on Google for “wine Lake Oswego”. This is awesome because that means that anyone searching for local wine will come up with this store. This is even greater than the Oswego Hills Winery, the local winery in the town, which is pretty awesome. The next step for me then is to get the blog visible on the front page of the search. If I understand SEO properly, then I think getting a large amount of site traffic and content on the blog will be a great start for getting the blog promoted through Google.

One thing that I didn’t realize before our class lecture was just how important Google+ is, or will become, for search engine optimization. Therefore I think another crucial step for my social media plan for WCW I will start to work on their Google+ profile.

One more thing that I am about to do is link the blog site directly to the World Class Wine’s website – Hopefully this will increase traffic to the blog, as well as boost the visibility of both sites. Through this whole thing, hopefully I can boost the presence of both websites.


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