So… What’s the Plan?

 Well I’m a little bit into the social media thing for World Class Wines. It’s going well. I think that I am starting to get a plan together.

 I started with phase 1: Build the blog.

I wanted to make sure that before I started doing any sort of promotion for the blog I wanted to make sure that it actually had content. It would probably be a huge digital turn off if someone went to a blog that had one post. The idea is that as a business, they want people to engage with the brand, and if there is only one post they couldn’t really engage. So I spent about 2 weeks getting enough content on the website to have multiple things to click on, hopefully to keep people’s attention.

Now that I have that part down, I move onto phase 2: Connect with people.

I was fortunate with this project that I wasn’t exactly starting from scratch. The company had a decent social media following when I started blogging. (One of my goals though is to increase those numbers). The second phase is all about getting people engaged with the blog. I detailed one ways I was doing this in the previous section – see the “Wine is _____.” bit.  Other things I am going to do is, solicit for wine questions though Facebook, which the store expert will then answer. This will be recorded on the blog for other people to see. The point is that I want to get people engaging with brand and I think the blog is a great place to document this.

I don’t really know what phase 3 is going be. That is part of the fun. I am learning as I go along, but it has been rewarding so far. I think the most rewarding thing though will be to see if this blog actually gets people engaged with the brand and if they actually see some tangible results from this. Ultimately, I want to help their business sell more wine. That’s a win in my book. 


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